Create a Wellness Committee

      The first key aspect of a successful worksite wellness program is to create a committee that focuses on the creation, implementation and maintenance of the program.  This does not need to be a dreadful or difficult task and does not need to include only the most health conscious employees.  Ideally the committee will include employees of all levels of the business hierarchy and will be comprised of people interested and excited about the idea of a worksite wellness program.
      The purpose of the committee is to create, initiate, evaluate and get employees to participate in the health program.  By creating this group you develop ownership of the program and encourage members to look for opportunities to encourage healthier habits and behaviors.  The worksite wellness committee will get "buy in" from upper-level management and participants, develop and respond to the needs of the participants and be held accountable for the management of the wellness efforts of the business. The committee should try to meet monthly at least to ensure the progress and sustainability of the program (more often would be better; less often would make it difficult to ensure success).

     Team Should Consist of:
  ~ Around 6-8 employees (depending on company size)
        * Smaller companies may not need more than one or two people on the committee but need someone to champion the activities
 ~ Possible program participants and middle & upper management
  ~ Interested employees that are excited about it!

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