Select Incentives, Gain Support & Market Program

     In order to have a successful and comprehensive wellness program it is vital to have support for it.  Though it depends on the size and type of business in which the program is being implemented for, the more support it attains the more beneficial it will be for the employees. 

Key Areas of Support to be Considered:
    * Management/Upper level support       - Support works in a trickle down manner, if the top doesn't buy into it the bottom won't either.
     Participant Level Support
       - To ensure participant support it is important to include them in all levels of planning, implementing and maintaining the wellness program.
     * Financial Support
       - Research shows that well-executed, comprehensive wellness programs can save anywhere from $3 to $15 for every $1 invested.  Keep that in mind when determining budget and investing in a program.
    * Community/Governmental Support
       - Governmental and community based support is out there through tax credits, wellness programs, online resources, recreational leagues, community activities and more - use our local resources tab, do extra research and take advantage of it!

     Wellness program incentives can serve as a great motivational tool to promote change and gain support.  In a perfect world we wouldn't need worksite wellness programs because people would be intrinsically motivated to live healthy lives.  However, that's just not the case and that is exactly why incentives are needed to motivate change.  This is where and why a significant portion of your wellness budget should be used on incentives.  But don't be alarmed - incentives don't necessarily need to always be costly and in monetary form.
     * Incentives can be in the form of:
          - Recognition in employee wellness letters
          - Contributions to a health care savings account
          - Extra time off or travel rewards
          - Merchandise rewards like mugs, t-shirts, etc.
          - Small monetary bonus for quitting smoking, etc.
          - Discounted health insurance premiums
The incentives need to be used in a way that praises, shows appreciation for and applauds worksite wellness accomplishments. 

The first file below is a free example of an incentive-based program that can be modified to fit the needs of your company's needs, interests and budget.  The second file is an example of a wellness program tracking form that can be used as a guide to create an applicable motivational element of a program to recognize high scoring participants.
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