Healthy Business Bloomington

Program Overview:

Healthy Business Bloomington is a worksite wellness recognition program of The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce formulated to support the development and expansion of organizational policies conducive to healthier employee lifestyles. The Chamber is dedicated to recognizing businesses that have acknowledged rising health care costs and are taking progressive and active measures to address this at the organizational level. High levels of health enhance employee productivity as well as improve employee wellbeing and morale. The Healthy Business Bloomington initiative aims to help lower total health care costs, improve the health of our citizens, and assist organizations in making the most effective healthrelated choices for their organization.
The initial application is to serve as a starting point towards a healthier Bloomington and recognizing businesses that have committed themselves to value the health of their workforce. The program is committed to helping local businesses achieve their wellness goals, and/or jumpstart the creation of a more comprehensive wellness program within the organization. 

Program criteria and qualification requirements are intended to progress over time, always encouraging continual improvement and commitment. The Chamber and its Health Care Team will use participant feedback and results to help enhance the program and its benefits, which will be re
evaluated prior to each application period.

Healthy Business Bloomington program not only promotes organizations but offers educational opportunities for members to learn and share experiences with other participating organizations. All Healthy Business Bloomington applicants will have access to quarterly enewsletters where the best practice methods of Healthy Business Bloomington businesses are to be spotlighted and shared. The Chamber will also further this effort by encouraging businesses to take advantage of the Healthy Business Toolkit and local resources located within this website.

Download the Application by clicking one of the choices below:

Healthy Big Business Bloomington 2010 Application
(25 employees or more)

Healthy Small Business Bloomington 2010 Application
(Less than 25 employees)