Worksite Wellness Works for Small Businesses Too!!

Small businesses
less than 100 employees can benefit just as much if not more...

  ~ Quicker decision making than in large corporations
      - Program developed + Implemented faster
          * Get return on investment quicker!

   ~ Smaller Businesses are more vulnerable to attendance problems
       - One absent employee can cause chain reaction of problems that can affect the operations of the entire organization

   ~ Bad economic times = Less $ for raises/bonuses
       - Employees value wellness - by having a program & showing  you care, you increase retention & recruitment of employees

   ~ Worksite Wellness Program Participation is easier to maximize in smaller business 
        - With more participation & quicker implementation due to a smaller employee base, the company will see a quicker Return-on-Investment!
        - Owner/President on board --> Management on board --> Employees on board --> increases in utilization & effectiveness