Why is a Worksite an Ideal Place to
Address Employee Health?

     Worksite settings provide controlled environments where most people spend the majority of their day and build many of their social networks.  It is also the root cause of many morbidities and healthcare costs due to the fact that many workplace environments are often sedentary settings and therefore greatly contribute to the lack of physical activity that many Americans struggle with.  Worksite settings often contributors to the ill health of their employees due to housing environmental factors that support unhealthy lifestyle choices (like exposing their employees to unlimited access to energy-dense food and beverage from vending machines).   

     Worksite wellness programs attack these issues head on by using these controlled environments and social networks to their advantage.  By starting with the upper management and supervisors a trickle-down effect occurs in promoting healthier lifestyles and behavioral choices.  Worksite wellness programs work by turning the worksite/office setting from being a negative influence on employee health to a positive influence by promoting healthier lifestyle and behavioral choices through social influence and environmental support.


What are the Advantages of
Workplace Wellness Programs?

     -Health Care Costs
     -Presenteesim (employees come to work but can't function properly due to illness)

     + On-the-job Productivity
     + Employee Satisfaction
     + Recruitment & Retention of Employees
     + Productivity
     + Employee Relations & Morale